The Ultimate Guide to Securing an X Visa for India Everything You Need to Know

X Visa for India

What is an X Visa for India

The Entry Visa (X Visa)is Issued by bureau of Immigration in India or outside India for Indian origin and wife of Indian citizen. It allows individuals to enter India with Multiple entries for meeting friends and Family, Traveling, sight seen, research, and missionary activities in India.

Applicants need to fill an application form Online on Indian Visa website and need to Visit nearest Indian High Commission outside the country, and in India, they need to apply it online over the FRRO Portal to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

Eligibility Criteria for the X Visa

For applying an Entry Visa (X Visa), applicants must meet specific requirements set by the Bureau of Immigration (BOI) in India.

These requirements for An Indian Origin are Applicant Birth Certificate, Applicant old Indian passport, OCI Card, surrender certificate, Parents Grandparents Current Indian, or Old Indian Passport, or OCI Card in India, and for a Foreign national married to an Indian They must keep ready their Marriage certificate. If it’s issued outside the country applicant needs to Apostille it form Concern Department.

The Application Process

X Visa for India

Entry Visa (X Visa)involves several steps, including completing the visa application form over the Indian India Visa website if you are applying outside the India otherwise you need to register your email over the FRRO portal and need to fill an Online application and upload required documents over the portal.

Once you Complete filling process you need to book an appointment and visit to Indian High Commission for an Interview, but in India you need to check your application status online if they need an additional documents you can upload it online.

Document Requirements

Applying in India Applicants for an Entry Visa (X Visa) must provide various documents, such as Copy of the applicant’s passport along with a copy of the visa, Applicant Parent’s/ Spouse Current passport copy, Applicant latest passport size Photograph. Address proof in India :-A. Copy of the Electricity bill / Telephone bill In own/ Parents/ Grandparents/Spouse Name ,Form – C ( if Applicant staying at hotel),Lease license in Case of talent, Applicant’s Marriage certificate( Married to Indian citizen:-If the marriage certificate solemnised in India, a marriage certificate issued by the marriage registrar is required, if the Marriage Certificate is solemnised in foreign country.

It should be apostle/ Certified by the concerned Indian Mission/ Post, Indian passport Holder (Undertaker) Bank statement for the last 6 months (if staying in India). Applicant Immigration arrival stamp. Relationship Certificate Applicant Birth certificate (if India Origin). if the Birth Certificate form foreign country. It should be apostle/ Certified by the concerned Indian Mission/ Post.

If applying at Indian high commission applicant need to submit Current Passport, Address Proof, Passport size photograph, and relationship certificate (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate) Fulfilling these document requirements is essential for a successful visa application.

Interview Preparation

X Visa for India

In some cases, FRRO / FRRO Can send a request for meeting for a Metting request applicant needs to visit to the office along with all the necessary documents. Applicant must Visa the FRRO/ FRRO Office the given Time slot and Carry 1 set of Xerox Copy. Usually, Officer asks about applicant stay and about the financial guarantor in India.

Tips for a Successful Application

To approve Entry Visa (X Visa) successful it’s an Easy process in India if you follow the rules very carefully. Applicants must upload all the documents clear in pdf format and an image in JPEG format (50 MM * 51 MM). Additionally, seeking professional assistance or guidance in the application process can be beneficial.

Government Fees

Entry Visa (X Visa) Issued by government of India. In India FRRO charge 8,500 INR for Entry Visa Extension and 1,000 INR for Indian Visa Conversion and Registration. If a Person delay in Registration and Extension in India, they need to pay Penalty for it.

X Visa for India


Securing an Entry Visa (X Visa)for India requires very careful planning, attention to all minor detail, and a thorough understanding of the application process over the government portal. By meeting the eligibility criteria, fulfilling proper document requirements, and preparing for the application process, individuals can navigate the process with confidence and increase their chances of a successful visa application in India.

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