FRRO Extension And Registration Assistance

FRRO Indian Visa Extension And Registration Assistance

An FRRO registration is required for every stamp Visa that is valid for more than 180 days in India. They have to register their Indian visa with the Concern FRRO within 14 days of their arrival in India. If in case you are not able to register your India Visa with Concern FRRO, your registration will be marked as late and you will have to fine for it.

Who needs an Visa Registration and Indian Visa extension in India ?

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How to Apply an Indian Visa Registration and Indian Visa Extension over the The FRRO Portal?

A foreigner who is traveling in India seeking Indian Visa Registration and Indian Visa Extension. They have to apply for the Visa Registration and Extension on the FRRO Portal. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. Also, you have to pay a fee for Indian Visa Extension in India.

How to Apply for an Visa Extension In India

An Indian Visa Extension granted by the FRRO(Foreign Regional Registration Offices) In India. it’s an online process that usually takes 3 to 4 weeks.

1. Visit the Online FRRO Portal.
2. Register your email and phone number and create your Account on FRRO Portal.
3. Login FRRO Portal Select the Visa Extension service and fill out the application form.
4. Upload the documents in PDF format and a passport-size photograph in jpeg format.
5. Submit the application form and wait for further instructions from the Concern  FRRO.
6. Check Your Application status regularly. If you get an Extra documents request upload the required documents on the reupload section.
7. Make The Payment Over The FRRO Poral.
8. You Will get Your Indian Visa Extension certificate Over The Registered email, Once You get That certificate you can stay and  travel outside The country.

Indian Visa extension

Fee for Indian Visa Extension

Indian Visa Extension fee is dependents on Your Visa type and Stay Period. You have to wait for open a Payment getaway. 

Documents Checklist for an Indian Visa In India

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Frequently asked Questions

What Happens if Delay in Visa Extension in India?

If you are in India on a Visa and want to extend your stay. Waiting until the last minute to renew your India Visa is not an idea it will not give you a good experience Please always apply for an Indian Visa Extension and registration before your visa expires for at least 1 week. if you delay in applying for Indian Visa Extension then you have to pay a fine and a penalty for it.

What Happens if Indian Visa Extension Rejected by FRRO?

If FRRO Rejects your Visa extension request it means you didn't upload the required documents over the FRRO Portal or Your Visa is not eligible for Extension, In this situation leave the country before the Visa Expiry.

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