Employment Visa Registration And
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Employment Visa Registration and Extension

There are many types of Indian visas and all Visas are used for their unique purposes. You need to know about it so can know about them. One among them is the employment visa, which is very important for working In India for the Long term these days. We, here at FarGoWorldWide, are here to help you with knowledge about employment visas In India.

Who Can Apply an Employment Visa In India ?

employment visa In India

Apply an Employment Visa registration and Extension Over The FRRO Portal

A foreigner who is traveling on an Employment visa needs to register and extend their Visa according to government rules to avoid compliance in India. They must apply for the exit visa permit on the FRRO Portal. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks. Also, you have to pay a huge penalty if you delay registration and visa extension in India.

How to Apply for an Employment Visa Registration and Extension In India?

An Employment Visa Registration and Extension granted by the FRRO(Foreign Regional Registration Offices) In India. it’s an online process that usually takes 3 to 4 weeks.

1. Visit the FRRO Portal Online.
2. Register your email and phone number and create your Account.
3. Login FRRO Portal Select the required Visa Registration and Extension service and fill out the application form.
4. Upload the required documents in PDF format and a passport-size photograph.
5. Submit the application form and wait for further instructions from the FRRO.
6. Check Your Application status regularly. If you get an Extra documents request upload the required documents in the reupload section.
7. Make The Payment Over The FRRO Poral.
8. You Will get Your certificate Over The Registered email. Once You get that certificate you can stay in India or travel outside The country.

Indian Visa extension

Documents Checklist for an Employment Visa Extension In India

How To Apply for PAN card In India

A Business visa and Employment Visa holder require a PAN card In India. For a Pan card, You can Consult with Our Immigration Experts. it usually takes 2 to 3 Weeks.

Employment Visa Duration and Validity

An India employment visa is generally valid for a year other than the duration or time limit of the contract. But, there are other options by which you can extend your visa upto 5 years or more. But, that entirely depends on the officials.

Frequently asked Questions

An employment visa can be converted to any other type of visa within the country?

 An employment visa can be converted to an ‘X’ (Entry) Visa if a foreigner has come to India on an Employment visa and marries an Indian national during the validity of his/her visa

Which category of Visa will be granted to the foreign specialist Chefs?

The Employment visa is granted by the government of India.

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