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Exit Visa permit in India

Exit Permit is certificate issued by FRRO to a person who stayed In India after their Visa expiry or  stay more than their stay permission in India,  Lost their passport and Visa, and a new born Child to travel outside the Country. normally a person who enter in India on a  business purposes have a Business visa, they also need  an exit visa permit to travel outside the Country. 

Who needs an Exit Permit to Leave the Country ?

Exit Permit

Apply an Exit Permit Over The FRRO Portal

A foreigner who is traveling in India cannot travel outside the Country without an Exit Permit if that person Loses an Indian Visa or passport and stays more than the Visa Validity in India. They will also have to face the problem of getting hotels and traveling in India. They must apply for the exit visa permit on the FRRO Portal. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. Also you have to pay a huge penalty for Overstaying in India. The fine completely depends on your Overstay period In India.

How to Apply for an Exit Permit In India

An Exit Visa Permit granted by the FRRO(Foreign Regional Registration Offices) In India. it’s an online process that usually takes 2 to 3 weeks.

1. Please Visit the FRRO Portal.
2. Register your email and phone number and create your Account.
3. Login FRRO Portal Select the required service and fill out the application form.
4. Upload the required documents in PDF format and a passport-size photograph.
5. Submit the application form and wait for further instructions from the FRRO.
6. Check Your Application status regularly. If you get an Extar documents request upload the required documents in the reuplod section.
7. Make The Payment Over The FRRO Porat.
8. You Will get Your certificate Over The Registered email after The payment. Once You get That certificate you can travel outside The country.

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Financial Fine for Overstaying in India

Staying In India after a Visa Period is an offense In India. if someone overstays in India needs to Pay The Penalty according to their overstay Period In the Country. Please visit to FRRO Portal to Know more abut the Fee and Fine for Overstay in India.

Overstay fines In India depend on the overstay period in India as following

1. A visa overstay In India of less than 15 days attracts a fine around of 5,00 INR.

2. A visa overstay In India from 15 days to 30 days fine will be around of 10,000 INR.

3. A visa overstay In India from 30 days to 90 days fine will be around 20,000 INR.

4. A visa overstay In India above 90 days fine will be around of 50,000 INR.

Documents Checklist for an Exit Visa Permit In India

How To Get Surrender Certificate

A Surrender Certificate/Renunciation Certificate is required to Get an Exit Permit India or OCI Card in India for an Indian who acquired a foreign citizen in India. Applicant needs to fill out an Online Surrender Indian Passport application on the Passport Seva Website and has to pay the fee over there. Thereafter applicants have to book an online appointment and Visit the Passport Office. it usually takes 1 to 2 working days days.

Frequently asked Questions

What happens if a Person stays after the Visa Expiry in India?

A Person Who Stays after the Visa expiry of their Visa needs to apply for an Exit Permit to fly out of The Country. The Following problems they can face in India:-

1. No Hotels will give you a stay or accommodation in India if you do not hold a Valid Visa.
2. Overstayed Persons need to Pay Fine according to their Overstaying in India.
3. You Can be blacklisted or deported from the Country.

What is the duration of an Exit Permit Certificate In India?

The exit Permit Process usually takes 2 to 3 Weeks but sometimes it also depends on Your Overstay In India.

What is the list of documents required for an Exit Permit for a newborn Baby In India?

A foreign national who gives birth to a child in India needs an Exit Permit to Fly out of the Country. The Following List of Documents Required:-

1. Newborn Child Passport /Travel Documents
2. Applicants Both Parent's Passport and Visa Copy
3. Address Proof In India Like Form - C, Lease agreement, Landlord ID proof, and Electricity Bill.
4. Child Birth Certificate
5. Parents Marriage Certificate
6. Hospital Discharge summary.
7. A Conformed Flight Ticket.
8. A Signed NOC Letter from both Parents.

What is the list of documents required for a Person who acquired foreign Citizenship In India?

An Indian national who acquired foreign citizenship needs an Exit Permit to Fly out of the Country. The Following List of Documents Required:-

1. A foreign Passport Copy
2. Applicants Both Parent's Passport and Visa Copy(If any)
3. Address Proof In India Like Form - C, Lease agreement, Landlord ID proof, and Electricity Bill.
4. Applicant's Birth Certificate
5. Parents Marriage Certificate
6. Surrender Indian Passport.
7. A Conformed Flight Ticket.
8. A Signed Request Letter and Undertaking Letter.
9. Cancelled Indian Passport Copy.
10. Naturalization Certificate ( If Any)

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