Entry X1 Visa Extension Assistance

What is an Entry X1 Visa In India?

The Indian government offers an Entry X1 visa to foreigners who visit India for Short term and Long term in India. As per the law, the Indian Government provides an X visa to the following individuals.

1. A Person of Indian Origin(foreign citizen (except a national of Pakistan, Afghanistan Bangladesh, China, Iran, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal) who held an Indian passport in the past or their parents/grandparents/great-grandparents was born In India and Held Indian Passport.
2. Foreign nation Married to an Indian Citizen and children of an Indian citizen/ an OCI cardholder.
3. Any dependent of foreigners who visit the country for business purposes, student research, Medical, or employment.
4. A person of Indian origin and holding a Surrender certificate/Renunciation Certificate or a canceled Indian Passport also apply for an entry visa for themself.

Apply for an Entry Visa Conversion and Extension Over The FRRO Portal

An Indian Origin/foreign national Married to an Indian Citizen who is traveling on any other Visa is Eligible to Convert their Existing Visa Into an Entry X1 Visa over The FRRO Portal. It usually takes 3 to 5 weeks. On an Entry Visa, Applicant cannot do business and Employment in India.

How to Apply for an Entry X1 Visa In India

An Entry X Visa granted by the FRRO(Foreign Regional Registration Offices) In India. it’s an online process that usually takes 3 to 5 weeks.

1. Visit to the FRRO Portal.
2. Register your email and phone number and create your Account.
3. Login to FRRO Portal Select Visa Conversion and fill out the application form.
4. Upload the required Visa Conversion Application documents in PDF format and a passport-size photograph.
5. Submit the application form and wait for further instructions from the FRRO.
6. Check Your Application status regularly. If you get an Extra documents request upload the required documents in the reupload section.
7. Visit to Police Station for Police Verification.
8. Make The Payment Over The FRRO Poral.
9. You Will get Your Entry Visa Conversion, Entry Visa registration, and Entry Visa Extension certificate Over The Registered email after The payment. Once You get That certificate you can continuously stay and travel outside The country.

Entry X1 Visa In India

Government Fee for Entry Visa in India


FRRO Visa Conversion, registration, and Extension are granted by the FRRO to an Indian Origin, a foreigner married to an Indian citizen/OCI card Holder. Indian government fee is around 1,000 INR for a Visa Conversion and 8,640 INR for a Entry Visa Extension for 1 Year In India.

Documents Checklist for an Entry X1 Visa In India

How To Get Renunciation/Surrender Certificate In India

ASurrender Certificate/Renunciation Certificate is required to Convert their current Visa Into an Entry Visa ( if hold an Indian Passport and acquired a foreign citizen). Applicant needs to fill out an Online application for Surrender Indian Passport on the Passport Seva Website and has to pay the fee over there. Thereafter applicants have to book an online appointment and Visit the Passport Office. it usually takes 1 to 2 working days days.

Frequently asked Questions

What permission does an Entry Visa holder get in India?

An Entry Visa is a dependent visa for Indian Orign and foreign nations who are married to an Indian citizen in India. An entry Visa holder in India conducts any form of business in India. However, the rule is slightly different in the case of minors or dependent children of Indian origin, as such children are allowed to study till their 12th standard.

1. An employment visa can be converted to an Entry Visa if a foreigner has come to India on an Employment visa marries an Indian national during the validity of his/her visa.
2. If an Entry Visa holder wants to Work in India then he needs a permit from FRRO.

Is the Entry Visa holder able to do work and business In India?

An Entry Visa holder cannot indulge in any form of work or business In India.

What is the government fee for an Entry (X-1) Visa for 1 Year In India?

Indian government fee is around 1,000 INR for a Visa Conversion and 8,640 INR for a Entry Visa Extension for 1 Year In India.

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