What Is an OCI Card? Who Can Apply for It? 

OCI Card

The Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) card is an Immigration introduced in 2005 to authorizing Foreign Citizen of Indian origin to live, study, business, and work in India for an indefinite period. 

The was launched by the Government of India for Indian origins residing abroad who insisted on dual citizenship. On OCI card allows Foreigners to Travel to India without any Visa.

To be eligible for an OCI card, a foreigner must be of Indian Origin or have at least one parent or grant parent who is a citizen of India except citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh. It became a as more popular among people of Indian origin move abroad, the demand for the OCI card is continuing to grow day by day. The OCI Card has several benefits and privileges for the holder.

Eligibility Criteria for an OCI card 

A foreign national was a citizen of India at the time of, or at any time after 26th January and a minor child and whose parents are citizens of India or one of the parents is a citizen of India is eligible for registration as OCI cardholder.

Also, a spouse of foreign origin of a citizen of India or Indian Citizen or spouse of an Overseas Citizen of India Cardholder whose marriage has been registered and subsisted for a continuous period of more than two years. Except whose parents or grandparents or great grandparents are or had been citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Benefits and Privileges of holding an OCI card in India

OCI Card

An OCI card holder has several benefits and privileges in India, including the ability to live, study, do business, and work in India. You do not need to apply for FRRO registration with the Foreign Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) and are eligible to open bank accounts and purchase property in India.   

Limitations and Restrictions for an OCI card Holder 

There are several benefits to holding an OCI Card India, but there are some limitations and restrictions for them like an OCI cardholders are not eligible to vote and cannot purchase agricultural or farming properties in India.   

What are the documents required for an OCI card?

  1. A Valid foreign Passport with Validity of Minimum 6 Months at the time of submission of OCI Application. 
  2. Copy of Certificate of registration of Citizenship/Naturalization (if acquired foreign nationality). 
  3. Cancelled/ Surrender Indian Passport with surrender Certificate (for those who have surrendered Indian Passport in or after 2010). 
  4. Address proof in India: – A. Copy of the last 3 Months Electricity bill / Telephone bill in own/ Parents/ Grandparents/Spouse Name., B. If the above is in any other relatives Name, we need an undertaking from the relative stating that the foreigners are residing with him/her. C. Lease license in Case of talent.  
  5. Copy of Indian Visa [Foreign nationals holding Tourist visa cannot apply for registration as OCI card holder in India] with 3 months validity at the time of submission of application. 
  6. Applicant Passport size photograph 51mm (about 2.01 in) X 51mm (with 80% Coverage of face) plain light colour background (not white). 
  7. Copy of applicant Birth certificate for Indian origin (if the birth certificate is solemnized in foreign country. It should be an apostle/certified from the concerned department.  
  8. Copy of applicant’s Marriage certificate. [Married Indian citizen]: – A. If the marriage certificate solemnized in India, a marriage certificate issued by the Marriage Registrar is required. B. If the marriage certificate is solemnized outside India. It should be an apostle from concerned authority.
  9. NOC letter from parents. (if minor) 
  10. An INR 15,000/- Demand Draft in Favor of.  “PAY & ACCOUNTS OFFICER (SECRETARIAT) Ministry of Home Affairs” payable at New Delhi.

OCI Card

In addition to these documents, applicants may also be required to provide additional documents depending on their specific circumstances. It is important to carefully review the requirements and ensure that all necessary documents are included with the application.  

Fees and Payment

The fee for an OCI Card application depends on the type of application being submitted. An INR 15,000/ Demand draft for New OCI Registration, INR 5,500/ Demand Draft OCI Registration (For PIO Card Holder), INR 1,400/ Demand draft Miscellaneous OCI Services 

A Demand Draft in Favor of.  “PAY & ACCOUNTS OFFICER (SECRETARIAT) Ministry of Home Affairs” payable at New Delhi.  

What is OCI and OCI Application Process 

OCI Card

The Application Process for an OCI Card has several steps. First, applicants must complete the online application over the government portal and upload all required documents. Once the application has been submitted Successfully, applicants must request an appointment at the Concern FRRO in India or the Indian embassy or consulate abroad.  

The OCI card is issued to foreign nationals who are of Indian origin or have an Indian national spouse. The OCI card is valid for the lifetime of the cardholder if the cardholder’s passport is valid. An Indian national spouse must surrender his/her OCI card after the divorce. The OCI card has as a multi-entry, multipurpose lifelong visa for a stay in India.

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