How to Get an Exit Visa Permit in India

Exit Visa Permit

How to Obtain an Indian Exit Visa Permit

Every year millions of international tourists and non-resident Indians arrive in India, down from about 18 million in 2019. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic heavily affected the tourism sector globally. IGI (Indira Gandhi International) Airport in Delhi received over 3 million tourists in 2020.

As per the Times of India Report, more than 40,000 foreign national overstayed in India after the expiry of their Indian visas in 2020.

If any foreign national visits India on any E-visa for more than 180 days continuously, they will need to register their Indian Visa with the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of Arrival in India. If you have Overstayed in India due to the loss of your Passport/Visa and overstay in India, you will need an Exit Visa Permit to leave the country.

An Exit Visa Permit is a legal draft issued by the Foreign Regional Registration Office that allows foreigners to leave India after their Visa Expiry/loss of passport and Visa/newborn in India.

How to Apply for an Exit Visa Permit

An Exit Visa Permit is a Legal document issued by the FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Office) for foreigners to leave the country. For Exit Visa Permits Foreigners need to register their email on the FRRO portal. 

Once you’re Registered on the FRRO Portal, you’ll have to select the Exit Permit option and you’ll need to Fill out the Application Form Online. After Filling Online Application Applicants need to Upload all related documents in PDF format and Passport size Photograph in JPEG Format. After Completing all the Processes, you need to Wait for Further Instructions from Concern FRRO.

The following Documents are required for an Exit Permit Application in India: –

Exit Visa Permit

1. A copy of the applicant’s valid passport along with a copy of the Indian visa.

2. Applicant passport-size photograph.

3. Address proof in India: –

A. Copy of Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill on Own/Parents/ Grandparents/Spouse Name.

B. Form – C (if Applicant is staying at the hotel).

C. Lease license in Case of talent.

4. Applicant Indian Immigration arrival stamp.

5. Applicant Cancelled Indian Passport and Surrender Certificate (For acquiring foreign Citizenship).

6.Applican Flight ticket (Not Mandatory).

Fines and Penalty for Overstaying in India

As per FRRO, overstaying in India beyond the visa expiry date leads to a fine, imprisonment of up to five years and even a ban on entering the country again.

The penalty for overstaying in India is 500 in the first 15 days, Rs 10,000 if it is 16 days to 30 days, Rs 20,000 if it is 31 days to 90 days, and Rs 50,000 if it is beyond 90 days.

As per the report, a total of 32,79,315 foreign nationals visited India between April 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020.

According to Home Ministry data, the maximum number of foreigners who visited India were from the United States ( 61,190) followed by Bangladesh (37,774), the United Kingdom (33,323), Canada (13,707), Portugal (11,668) and Afghanistan (11,212).

it is important that all foreign nationals adhere to Indian laws and ensure they do not break the rules when it comes to visas and their visiting period in the country. It is extremely important to take care of their Visa things. due to an expired Indian Visa, foreigners face a lot of difficulties in India.

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