Top 7 Things About FRRO in India That You Should Know


FRRO Traveling in Foreign Countries has become a common trend in today’s globalized world.

Everyone wants to travel new place for their personal reasons like some people travel to different places for their mental health, exploring new places, work, business, and many more. But nowadays people from all corners of the globe are traveling to India mostly to explore its rich cultural heritage, Spirituality, meditation, Yoga, and Education.

If you are also planning to visit India, it is essential to know about the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO).

Here are Seven Things you Need to Know About FRRO in India


1. What is FRRO

FRRO Full form is Foreign Regional Registration Office. It is a part of the Bureau of Immigration in India. FRRO is responsible for providing all visa and immigration-related services to Foreign National, who traveling to India or moving to India and wants Registration, Extension, Visa Conversion and Exit Permit in India and its deals between the Indian government and foreign nationals to ensure smooth and legal entry and stay of Foreigners in the country.

2. Role and Responsibilities

The primary role of the Foreign Regional Registrar’s Office (FRRO) is to regulate foreign citizens’ entry, exit, and stay in India. They issue Indian visa extensions (not for e-Visa, E-Visas are not extendable and nonconvertible in India), Indian Visa registration, Exit Visa Permit, Change of Passport, Entry Visa (X Visa) Extension, OCI Registration, PIO to OCI Conversion, OCI Miscellaneous Services.

They also handle various other functions related to immigration like tracking foreigners’ stay duration, Purpose of Visit in India, monitoring their activities, Ensuring Compliance with the laws and regulations.

3. Services Provided by FRRO

The FRRO has a wide range of services to foreign nationals staying in India. These services include registration, visa extension, change of address and occupation, visa conversion, exit permit, emergency visa services and many more. Foreigners who are traveling to India on a long-term visa must register their Indian visa with the concerned FRRO within 14 days of arrival.

Delays in registration and extensions with this Concern FRRO can lead to legal problems, penalties, and even deportation.

4. Mandatory Registration

Foreign nationals staying in India on any visa other than a tourist visa are required to register themselves with the Concern FRRO. To register their Visa, they need to register their email on frro portal and then need to fill out the application form and upload the required documents over the Portal.

FRRO issues a Registration Certificate (RC) or a Residential Permit (RP) to the foreigner upon completion of the registration. After that you need to wait for their response, usually the Visa Registration process takes seven to ten working days in India.

5. Visa Extension


If you plan to extend your stay Permission or Visa validity in India, you must apply for a visa extension through FRRO Portal. The visa extension process is a simple process, you must log in to the frro portal and select the desired service, and you need to fill out an application form.

Visa Extension depends on your Visa Type (E- visa are not extendable in India, but in some cases, you can convert it to an Entry Visa). It is very important to initiate the Visa extension process before the Visa Expiry to avoid any fines, penalties, or complications. Failure to do a Visa Extension can result in an exit from India along with fines, deportation, or even blacklisting, which can stop you to enter in India in your future visits.

6. Online Services

FRRO has introduced online (e-FRRO) services in India to simplify the Foreign Visa registration and visa extension process. The online platform allows you to fill out application forms, upload the required documents and letters, track the status of your application, and make online payments.

This digital initiative has streamlined the process, reduced paperwork, and enhanced efficiency. If they need any clarification or any other details or documents, they can send you a meeting request via email or phone call.

7. Important Documents

To successfully navigate the FRRO process, several essential documents are required. These include a Valid passport, a recent passport-sized photograph 51 mm * 51 mm, a copy of your Indian visa, and proof of residence in India. Company documents (if you are on a Business and Employment Visa) Birth certificate and marriage certificate (if you are of Indian Origin) and additional documents and letters according to your Indian visa.

In conclusion, as a foreigner visiting or staying in India, it is essential to understand the functioning of the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO). Knowing the roles and responsibilities of FRRO, the mandatory registration process, visa extension requirements, and the availability of online services will ensure a hassle-free and legal stay in India. By complying with the regulations set forth by the FRRO, if you need any assistance, you can contact us.

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