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An Indian Tourist Visa is a certificate issued by the Indian government to a foreigner who wants to travel to India for tourism purposes, to meet friends and relatives. it can have a one to five year validity with multiple entries with different -different stay Validity periods in India. an e-Tourist Visa is non Extendable non Convertible Visa in India.

Indian E-Visa 

Sub-categories of Indian e-Visa

The government of India introduced the India E-visa as an official document to foreigners, who do not have Indian citizenship that allows them to enter India. It is electronically linked to your passport.

E-Tourist Visa

e-Tourist Visa is for recreation, sightseeing, casual visits to meet friends or relatives, and attending a short-term yoga program in India.

Employment Visa In India

E-Business Visa

eBusiness Visa is for all activities permitted under a normal Indian Business Visa.

E-Medical Visa

An e-Medical Visa is for medical treatment, including treatment under the Indian system of medicine.

E- Visa Validity In India

E-visa will be granted for a period of up to 60 days with double entry on a Tourist e-Visa in India and triple entry on an e-Medical Visa. In the case of an e-Medical Visa, an extension may be granted for up to 6 months on a case-to-case basis on the merits of each case by the concerned FRRO in India.

Documents Checklist for an E- Visa India

Indian X-1 Visa Extension

An Indian Origin/foreign national Married to an Indian Citizen who is traveling on any other Visa is Eligible to Convert their Existing Visa Into an Entry X1 Visa over The FRRO Portal. It usually takes 3 to 5 weeks. On an Entry Visa, Applicant cannot do business and Employment in India.

Frequently asked Questions

Who Can Apply for an E-Visa for India?

Foreigners who want to travel to India for Tourism Purposes, Medical Treatment, and Business Purposes can apply for an Indian e-tourist visa, e-business visa, and e-medical attendant visa for India. The type of visa you apply for will depend on the purpose of your trip to India.

Do the minors need a separate India e-Visa?

It’s important for every passenger to travel to India with a Valid e-visa regardless of age. Parents of minors must apply for an Indian E-Visa for their child/children. Each separate passport needs to have its e-visa linked to it.

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